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The overall objective of BIGSTAKES5 is to defeat one’s opponent(s) with skill and strategy by scoring the most points in a GAME.  A BIGSTAKES5 game is defined as what would traditionally be known as a “hand.”  The player that plays all of their STONES first becomes the recipient of the values of the opponents’ un-played stones.  To receive said values, the player must press the “SET & SLIDE!” button.  The player that has the most cumulative points in that GAME is declared the WINNER!



In BIGSTAKES5, a player scores by placing matching such that the ending dot count of the STONES equals a multiple of five (5).  Any time a player scores during the course of a GAME, those points are placed in the REWARD section.  The player calling SET & SLIDE!  collects points from their opponents from the value of the STONES that were not played during game play. STONES have the following point values:  STONES with 0 – 7 dots are worth 5 points; STONES with 8 – 12 dots are worth 10 points.  Scoring CHIPS are returned to each player at the end of each GAME.



In BIGSTAKES5, CHIPS are used to record the scoring of points. Each player is assigned 20 specific-colored CHIPS that are valued at 5-points each. There are four (4) different colored CHIPS at each table, one (1) color per player, these scoring CHIPS are called the HOUSE CHIPS.

As a player scores during the GAME, their points are rewarded from the HOUSECHIPS of the player to their right and placed in that player’s REWARD section on the game board.  If a player fails to call their points, no points will be rewarded.  If a player calls the incorrect points, no points will be rewarded.



Each player DRAWS five (5) STONES from the WASHED pile and places them in their STONE HOLDERS or their TRAY.  The remaining STONES will be separated into two piles of four (4) each, then moved to the respective QUARRY positions.  A player may pull STONES during their turn of play, whether they have a legal play or not.

The HERO:  If a player elects to draw all 8 STONES from the Quarry, that is called pulling a “Hero.



To begin, each player DRAWS a TRAY of five (5) STONES from the WASHED pile.  If pulled, the Big Five (double-five) always starts the GAME. The player who DRAWS the Big Five PLAYS it as the first STONE, the SPINNER.  If the Big Five is not DRAWN, the next highest double in descending order the Big Four (the double-four) is PLAYED by any player that has that STONE. This process continues until a “DOUBLE-STONE” is played. In the event no player has a “DOUBLE-STONE”, the STONES are to be rewashed and re-pulled and the process repeated.



A board is considered to be LOCKED when there is no PLAY that can be made by any player or if a player has strategically placed the STONES in a manner that no other opponent can make a play.  The player who has locked the board can strategically continue to play if they have a play (un-lock the board) OR they can call SET & SLIDE!



In BIGSTAKES5, players have the unique opportunity to RISK or wager MONEY CHIPS to accumulate “Game dollars”.

The BIGSTAKES5 game has MONEY CHIPS (valued in denominations of 5, 25, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000).  Players can be given their MONEYCHIPS or they may be purchased through the App.  The MONEY CHIPS are kept in the player’s VAULT.

At the end of each GAME and after ALL points have been tabulated, the player having scored the highest point total wins their RISK and collects the RISK of all players that have participated in the RISK. A player cannot collect more from any one player than they RISKED themselves.  NOTE: The player that calls SET & SLIDE! may not have scored the most points in that GAME.  The winner of the RISK goes to the player who holds the highest point total of the GAME.  If there is tie in the total number of points scored amongst players that have RISKED points on the GAME, the RISK is considered a push and no RISKEDMONEY is paid out. There is also the option that by winning MONEYCHIPS throughout a GAME, a player can be declared the TOTAL MONEY winner separate from a “points” winner.


The Side Bet:

Any player is eligible to participate in the LIVE RISKING Side Bet” during the GAME.  This means a player is able to challenge any other player and RISK additional MONEY CHIPS when it is that player’s turn. The RISK can be accepted or not by the challenged player.  To make a LIVE RISK the player places “taps” the “SIDE BET” button and chooses the amount to be RISKed in addition to their initial RISK amount, and it is placed in the designated RISK area.  From left to right, the opponents may choose to match and/or raise the RISK challenge.  Once accepted a player is NOT able to rescind their LIVE RISK.



In BIGSTAKES5, a BOGUS PLAY is recognized as a player having made an inadmissible play.  When a BOGUS PLAY occurs, a BOGUS stone is automatically placed the area as indicated on the board, indicating a loss of turn. BOGUS PLAYS include:

  • Attempting to incorrectly Place a Stone
  • Calling an Incorrect Point Score
  • Attempting to “SET&SLIDE!” when the player is not eligible to make that call