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The BIGSTAKES5 game is a super-charged domino game licensed by 1619 Gaming Group, Inc. (1619) for its development and commercial exploitation. The game is platformed to serve the worldwide social gamer, active domino players as well as active online gamers.

Unique, fun, and exciting. Play for fun and for Big5 chips !!!

The game has two patents, one for digital play and one for physical board play!!

Creates intrigue and stimulates players to become strategic thinkers and problem solvers

The new paradigm in scalable social domino-based gaming

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Welcome to the World of BIGSTAKES5! We thank you for choosing our game, as we do understand you have a choice in which game to play. Have fun and explore the many features of the game. We also encourage you to tell a friend about the game and hope you will share your in-game experiences with your friends on Social Media. Click here to download the App onto your device and begin play. The game is NOW available on the Apple Store and Google Play!!!



Travis Newsome

Chicago, IL

I was first introduced to the BIGSTAKES5 game a few years ago, at the World Championship Domino Tournament in Andalusia, Alabama. Neal and Michael showcased the game to me and all the other championship domino players; and I knew then it was a winner! A month later, they invited me to Las Vegas to continue the discussion; and it was at this meeting we took a deep dive to stress test the game – could it stand the test and scrutiny of being a domino game that could set a new standard of play. And it did! Eleven years later, we are ready to bring the game to the market, and I have never been more enthusiastic about the game of dominoes, simply because I can visualize the many possibilities for the game and the excitement and fun domino players everywhere will have playing this game. Their naming me Commissioner and Director of Gaming are perfect roles for me. What I have learned studying the attitudes and behavior of domino players over the last 40 years will become extremely valuable in administering my responsibilities. I look forward to the challenge of making BIGSTAKES5 the number one domino game in the world. Travis Newsome, 3X World Domino Champion.

Nate Tsegay

Union City, CA

I believe it is just a matter of time before BIGSTAKES5 will take over the domino world. The features the game provides are outstanding, particularly featuring "The Hero." The team at BIGSTAKES5 really did their homework and have created an exceptional game with the user’s experience in mind. The graphics are unlike any other domino game I have seen! The interactive players component and game speed are very appealing. This game is absolutely addicting and great fun for all ages. Even more, BIGSTAKES5 is only scratching the surface. I’m excited to see what’s ahead!

Devin Rambo

Kanas City, MO

I have been playing dominoes for 21 of my 28 years. In the past few years, online dominoes have gained popularity, but all the apps lack creativity. BIGSTAKES5 is so different! I am having to learn all new domino strategy and some new terms and enjoying every bit of it. Being the # 1 ranked player in traditional online dominoes is a sense of pride for me. You can expect me to uphold the same standards in BIGSTAKES5. I WILL be the #1 ranked player in just a matter of time. Thank you for bringing this exciting game to us.

Louis Kolos

Tivoli, TX

Greetings, Domino Players. My name is Louis Kolos, born in Hallettsville, TX, a small town known for playing partner dominoes; it is also the home of the Texas State Domino Tournament. I’ve played all over the United States, playing “partner’s” and “head up”. I have won and lost with world champion players, as I am a seasoned player. On the internet, I have searched high and low for a good quality domino game through the years. I have climbed the ladder to become the #1 on most every domino website! You may have seen me online at some point on a domino table. I went by “DominosBest”, “Texas_Louie”, “Tivoli”, and “Big Six” to name a few. I most often used “DominosBest” to intimidate people that dared challenge me. Now let’s get to the good part! Candidly, I tried BIGSTAKES5 initially and backed off. But the competitor in me, would not let me walk away from the game. I am drawn to it and want to become #1 on this site, as I have on all the others! This is the NEW ERA of dominos! You can’t just simply play conventional dominoes anymore. You better be able to read 3 plays away or you will get your hat handed to you real quick! I won’t give away any tips right now, but if you want some lessons, come get it. I’m not the best yet in BIGSTAKES5, but I am getting there soon! Like it’s said here in Texas, “Come and take it”!!!

Geraldine “GG” Gilliam

Atlanta, GA

BIGSTAKES5 challenges gaming play in exciting, diverse ways that keep you entertained and enthralled continuously! The game, itself, highlights the options of players’ ability to outsmart and outwit competitors by using strategic maneuvers! I specifically enjoy the options of playing or finding the best position of play! The game keeps me entertained for hours and the tutorial keeps me in play, even when my strategy doesn't work out! I truly enjoy playing the game!

Mr. Jerome Wooten

Houston, TX

After winning my 7th World Domino Championship, the Big 6 game of dominoes became, somewhat boring to me. I seriously contemplated retiring from the game. With this new BIGSTAKES5 game, my interest has been renewed. I’m thinking it will take at least 7 World Titles in BIGSTAKES5 before I could ever begin to feel the same as I did before being introduced to the game. It is an exciting game! Let’s “SET & SLIDE!”

Meet the team

Michael Watkins

Howard University Combat Veteran, USAF C-Suite 20yrs Exp.


Univ So. California Attorney, NFL Agent, Bus Owner $250M negotiated.


ESIG Paris, France Azure-Cloud Lead IT consulting & app development. 20-years Exp.

Chris Leon
Director for Social Media Integration

A 21-year old social media consultant Studying Public Affairs at UCLA. Specialises in social media ad campaigns and integration.

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